Frenzy Explanation

Hey! For some limited releases going forward we will be using the Frenzy App to give our customers a fair and safe way to purchase product.

Per the Frenzy Website here are some answers to FAQ:

What is Frenzy?

Rather than waiting in line at a store, missing out online, or simply forgetting about a sale – Frenzy is a mobile application that puts the hype of the best product releases in your hand.

How does it work?

When the countdown on a sale reaches zero, tap to enter the sale, select your product, and checkout using Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you're unable to see the countdown for a Dropzone, you'll need to enter the Dropzone to activate the sale card!

What is a Dropzone?

Dropzones are special areas that contain sales, accessed exclusively through Frenzy. If you have Location Services enabled on your phone, entering a Dropzone will unlock the sale. You have to remain in the Dropzone to complete your purchase.

When is the next sale?

Please follow us on social media @nohble (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), and/or sign up for our email list. All release updates including any Frenzy releases will be announced there.

How do I know if my order was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email from us when your order is successful that includes the total amount paid.

I didn’t get a confirmation, but there is a charge on my credit card- what’s going on?

In order to process a checkout we run the authorization before the checkout is completed to ensure we can complete the charge if you mange to cop. Sometimes you’ll still take an L. Don’t worry about the authorization, it will not convert to a charge and you’ll see it disappear from your statement in a couple of days.

Why was my order canceled?

We reserve the right to cancel any order if we believe the order is fraud, if it was placed with a bot, or if a customer attempts to purchase multiple pairs in violation of the release policy. 

Why do I have to use Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Filling out your billing and shipping details at the last minute during a sale is a huge pain and increases your chances of taking an L. These digital wallets makes checkout simple and quick since they store all your card info, plus billing and shipping addresses. The first time you use Frenzy you’ll be able to do a free test sale in order to ensure your digital wallet is set up correctly

My bank doesn't support Apple Pay or Google Pay. What can I do?

Apple Pay and Google Pay work with most major credit cards from the top banks. We're always looking to improve and expand the types of payment methods you can use, but for now you'll need to find a friend or family member with a digital wallet that works with Frenzy.

When and how do I pick-up my shoes?

Most of our Frenzy sales will be for in-store pickup. The product you purchase will indicate which location you were successful at. Pick-up windows vary from release to release. Please be sure to check the product description on Frenzy as it will list the exact time window for pick-up. To pick-up please bring your ID and email as proof of purchase, NO ID NO SHOES.