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WalkLikeHer Wednesday

WalkLikeHer Wednesday

Curator: @walklikeher 


This WalkLikeHer Wednesday we are highlighting a casual and colorful skater look and a tropical print jersey dress. 


Windbreaker joggers are the perfect skater pants. Champion Women Joggers  with blue and pink accents are sure to turn heads. Their Heritage Embroidered Crop T-shirt in rainbow makes a colorful Instagram moment. This outfit paired with a pair of Cotton Candy Ombre Vans gives vibrant vibes. 


Next is a Nike tropical print Hyper Femme dress in light blue. Baby blue is one of the coolest colors this summer, and a cotton jersey dress may be the comfiest thing you're able to wear outside, so this is the perfect combo. You can meet up with friends for an outdoor brunch, pretending that you're on an exotic vacation. Pair it with some cool Nike Women Huarache  sneakers! Your friends will give you compliments galore in this athleisure look. 

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